WOOOO HOOOOO! This is AMAZING! Doing 360 at 80 mph on a river in a jet boat is AWESOME!

Today I went on the world’s most exciting jet boat ride! It is so cool, you do 360 turns and get less than a meter away from rocks! It was so much fun and also very exhilarating! I would do it again any day!

Ella and her Dad were sitting on the outside of the boat and when we did 360’s, they got soaked! That trip was SPECTACULAR and it definitely gets your adrenaline going for the morning! I think Ella’s mom didn’t even let go of the hand bar the whole time.

I’m still debating if this or roller coasters are better. Im a big roller coaster fan but, this was pretty great! I don’t know but, what I do know is that if you’re in Queenstown, New Zealand and you don’t do this you are absolutely CRAZY!

You’re crazy if you do and crazy if you don’t! 

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