Hay Guys! Flat Patriot here! Right now we are supposed to be boarding are plane and getting our connecting flight to New Zealand from San Francisco but, it’s not looking to good. The plane was late, it is here now but, they still have to clean it and security check it. We should be on our way soon, though. I am trying to keep high hopes and hope that we make it to our connecting flight. We’ll see what happens! I am blogging here from the Charlottes airport and hope to talk to y’all soon. If none of you have ever flown I am posting some pictures of were I am now. Alright guys, bye! Oh! It looks like were boarding, were on our way now. I’m glad I got to talk to you guys before I went on my flight, though. Probably wouldn’t talk to you guys for a little but, I’ll try to keep you guys updated. 

I have lots of photos for you guys!

Sitting in the lobby waiting to board, so excited!


2 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. Love the photos! You could even start a “Where’s Flat Patriot?” hunt! Hope your are having a great time. Thor and Clementine miss you. Hunter misses you too. He’s counting the days until you get back. Should I make him a chain?

    1. Hey Aunt Caro! Tell the doggies I miss walking them and making them treats and everything about them! I think I might just use that “Where’s Flat Patriot” idea too! Thanks for the idea! You should so make Hunter a chain and did you make that chain for Kenzie? Tell Hunter I love him and Ive checked up on him every night I can when he goes in and out. I get an email every time he goes in and out! Miss you too!

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