Hay guys! Flat Patriot here. Sorry I haven’t been posting a lot. Its been really busy these last few days.  So first I’ll start with my first day here. Then, in my other posts I’ll put the other days just in case you only want a certain day. We got here on a tiny little plane, it was about a 45 minute flight since we had to go from Auckland to here. Right now we are in Piahia. Sadly we will leave tomorrow. Its been a fun few days, though. The first day we got here in the late morning and walked around town. Naavah got a swimsuit. Parker got flip flops and a hat. Ella looked around and found crushed pennies. She promised her Grandma some. Oh, by the way if you don’t know what a crushed penny is its when you put a penny in and you crank something to put a pattern into the flattened penny. There really neat to me and Ella. Anyways… I took lots of pictures. Got some great ones of the bay. We hiked up to this high point in town and got fantastic views! Then, we went into town and eat. We ate at this place called Greens. It was Thai food, Im not a big fan of Thai but, it was pretty good I must say. There beef stuff was yummy! Finally, we went back to the hotel. We couldn’t go into our rooms since they weren’t ready at 11:30 in the morning. When we came back they were ready though. Our rooms are really nice and we have this whole patio area of just were we can be. Awesome! I can go out to the pool at any time, especially since it doesn’t get dark until around 10:10. Anyways… if you guys want to here about Saturday you have to read my other post which I highly advise because the next post is about a dolphin cruise we took! Alright, bye! Talk later me amigos!

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