The Long Horned Lizard

You now how if you go to Austraila and see an animal you’re not supposed to pick it up right? They even tell ou to kill it! Well Parker didnt quite get that through his head apparently because here we are with Parker picking up a lizard.

Parker, Ella, and I were walking back from getting pizza one day when we see this lizard. Off course Parker goes after it. He was smart enough to not pick it up with his hands but them he just pulls of his shirt in the street and picks up the lizard with it. Now you have to understand, this lizard wasn’t any old lizard. It had spikes on it, lots and lots of spikes. It was also yellow and black. Parker didn’t care, though. He just went and picked it up.

Classic Parker off course. Parker is still alive so I guess not every animal is deadly in Australia but, guys, come on. Just don’t pick up any animals in Australia. Do not follow Parker’s example, please! I mean you could get killed! Okay that is the life lesson for today. Parker still didn’t learn his life lesson though. A few days later he tries to pick up another lizard! Parker!!! 

P.S- We learned the lizard was a long horned lizard and its not deadly. Thank Goodness!

Look at those spikes and Parker doesn’t even think twice before just picking it up!
The Long Horned Lizard! It looks kinda mad! Am I right guys?!
Close up on the Long Horned Lizard!
Parker and the Long Horned Lizard!

3 thoughts on “The Long Horned Lizard

  1. I LOOOVE the long horn lizard. And yes, Parker would be the one to pick it up!! I have to commend him, though, for his bravery an ingenuity using his shirt. If I had been there in another country, I’d been more concerned about him taking his shirt off in public. LOL. I can’t believe all the coolo things you’ve been doing. Since you’ve been gone I substitute taught at YPA Middle School for a math teacher and got to “teach” Nicholas, Steven, Emma, Gracie, Bryce and Landon. One of these days I’ll have you in one of my classes at YPA. I miss teaching all of you in Primary. When you guys moved up this year, I decided after 3 years in Primary it was time to be released and Aunt Caroline agreed. 😌 Don’t know if you heard, but Bro B was really sick. He got a blister on the bottom of his foot that he didn’t take care of and it got so infected he was in the hospital for almost a month and was still on intravenous antibiotics 3 times a week. Good news is he went back to his doc on Tues and the wound is completely healed. YEA! He had me scared!! Thank Heavens for prayers and priesthood blessings. I guess I better let you go. Although I know you are having the time of your life, we look forward to having you and your family back!! Love ya bunches! Sister B

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