The Auckland Museum

The Auckland Museum is amazing! I could go on and on about all the amazing stuff we did there. I’ll try not to but, I just might go on a little bit. Sorry if I do but, you know when I go on and on it was a good time! The museaum was amazing, its huge and beautiful, on the outside and inside! If you wan to learn about land forms or plants and animals or the world wars or anything go there. I didn’t have to do my homeschool work really because I’m learning about landforms and I just had to go to that part of the museum and I was set for the day. I think I learned a lot more about landforms interacting and doing the activities then I would have any day just sitting in a classroom. Anyways, there’s so many things to do there and so little time. You can go see awesome shows along with there incredible exhibits and not have enough time to see everything in a day. We went to see the Moari cultural show and it was so much fun. They did tricks and showed us weapons and we learned about there unique cultural. They did songs too and they had these balls on the end of a string and as you hit different parts of your body with the ball it makes different sounds. It was really cool. Oh and by the way the balls dont hurt. We also went to the volcano room. They had a room where you go in where a volcano erupts on this screen and then the room starts to shakes. It was really fun. I highly advise this museum. Its not like a lot of museums where there’s a lot of reading and stuff, its very hands on. It was a fantastic experience! Oh and Naavah just remind me of what I’m pretty sure was her favorite part, which is actually outside of the museum, the winter gardens. Its this beautiful greenhouse with a pond outside and everything. It was spectacular and we spent at least 40 minutes in there. Some how they made the greenhouse interactive too. There’s this plant were they call it the Sensitive plant were if you touch it the leaves on the plant close up. Ill show you the video I got. The Auckland Museum is the place to go! If you ever get the chance, go there! Its worth it by far!

Don’t follow Flat Patriots example!
BEAUTIFUL for sure!

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  1. Nice Photos. Don’t know what you wrote, though. I’m not even going to try to read that font! Keep having fun!

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