Steepest Zip line in the World!

Thrill Seeking, Exhilarating, Crazy, Fun, these are all words I would use to describe Queenstown. We’ve gone on the most exciting Jet Boat Ride in the World. Then, today we went on the World’s steepest zip line all right here in Queenstown, New Zealand! If you’re looking for some thrill seeking adventures come to Queenstown.

I’m not sure which was better, a jet boat ride or zip lining. I do know, though, that if you come to Queenstown and don’t go zip lining you are absolutely CRAZY!!! Who wouldn’t want to go off backwards, upside down on the world’s steepest zip line! I mean seriously! You get the full experience here, at least we have!

For zip lining we got it all, fun, school, beauty, all of it! On this zip line its an eco tour so you get to learn about the trees and the environment around you so, check off the school part!

Then, you get to do crazy tricks like going off backwards, eyes closed, no hands or going upside down, no hands! AWESOME!

Next, the views, there’s one spot were there just… eye popping, mind bobbling, jaw-dropping! You don’t just get wonderful views from the zip line, though! You get to ride a gondola with great views, too! Ella’s Dad is always telling us to look at the beauty around us and today I did!  I mean this tour was amazing!

Last but, not least though, you get the world’s steepest zip line! What more could this tour have!? The zip line is almost like a straight drop down! Sort of daunting at first but, it is just fantastic after you do it! What’d I tell you!? The whole experience all in one! Man, today was spectacular!

Our tour was unique though, too. Out tour guides were super nice, funny, and challenged us a lot, which was fun. Parker was also a little crazy on the zip line. He went off the steepest zip line upside down, eating a baguette! Not very surprising though! He also got his leg stuck in the rope when he went to flip back upright from being upside down. He got all tangled and we had to untangle him. Ella had a signature move, too. Where you go upside down, back arched, flailing your arms, and screaming. A tour guide called it the screaming banana. I loved our tour. It was so much fun! 

It does tucker you out though. I’m goanna hit the hay, but I still just can’t get over the awesome stuff we got to do today! Bye!

P.S- The photos will come later so come check in a few days for them again! Thanks!

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  1. Sounds fantastic! Not sure about the upside down position though! And, of course, Parker was eating bread!
    Great post, Flat Pat.

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