Scary but Spectacular, The Sky Tower!

Have you guys ever heard of one of the world’s tallest tower, The Sky Tower? Well, if not I’ll tell you about it since I went there today and now I’m an expert. “Obviously Im an expert”, not! I know some stuff, though. Anyways… You should have heard about it, its spectacular. I can’t say too too much though since I didn’t here about it until a few days before we went there.

Anyways… The sky tower is the _ tallest tower in the world. It stands at 329 meters tall and was constructed in 1997. It is jaw dropping to look at the architecture of it and how they built it. The inside though is even better when you go in and you go up to the 51 floor. The Sky Tower is made up of a lot of glass so you can see out of it. Even the elevator is made of glass, well partly but dont worry it is 38 inch thick glass so no ones falling through any time soon. Let’s get down to the important stuff.

THE VIEWS!!! The views up there are mind bobbling! The craziest thing though, is that they let you bung jump of the tower but they say it rarely happens and when it does and people get up there they usually chicken. We were one of the lucky few though that actually saw someone bunny jump off. Carter was like Uh, Uh, Nope not doing that. The closest thing we get to that is when we walk on the glass. Part of the floor on the 51st floor is glass and Carter wouldn’t even do that! Ella however stood there for what seemed like forever. I only stood there for about a minute or so and then I was done.

Anyways, I think my favorite part was when we went up to the 60th floor. I just liked it because not as many people were photo bombing your pictures, even if it was on accident. There we’re less people up there and I don’t really know why there were less but, it was nice.  It was so worth it so everyone wasn’t photo bombing your pictures. I got some fantastic pictures and views, I’ll post some pictures later.

Anyways.. got to go sleep. Its been a long day and I am ready for bed. Also I might get a pillow thrown at me because Ella had a headache AND SHES TRYNG to sleep. Bye and good night. AHHH!!! Pillow!

Can you see the bridge? You can see every little detail up here!
Look at the views! Inceadible!
Can you find the pink road?
Mom looking horrified as she walks across the 38 inch thick glass. Don’t look down! Even though I’m pretty sure the glass wouldn’t break.

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  1. Haha. Flat Patriot, I will take your word for it about the views. I don’t like my heights quite that tall….

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