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My name is Flat Patriot and I am from America. My favorite color is blue. My favorite animal is a border collie (type of dog). 4 is my most favored number. What am I forgetting to tell you?! Oh I know! My favorite food, which is taco soup. Also my most adored drink, which is cranberry juice. Now you know my favorite things but I’ll tell you some of my hobbies, too. Some of my hobbies are reading, playing basketball, writing, and biking. Also traveling, love to do that! That’s all I can say right now since I’m going on my trip starting off in a few days! Please tell me a little bit about yourself in the comments below since we’ll be traveling together. Got to go finish packing! Talk to you later! Bye! Ohhhh! I’m so excited!

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  1. Have Fun and don’t forget to post pictures. I will enjoy traveling with you as I look at your adventure through Photos. Oh, and by the way just a little reminder that your companion on this world tour promised her grandmother she would watch for smashed pennies (coins) along the way. Have fun and I look forward to seeing you in about 6 weeks. I’m excited too!!!

    1. I am sure my companion will keep her promise and I am so glad you will go on this adventure with me! I hope you like my photos and thank you for the compliments!

    1. Yes, you will be seeing Flat Patriot in the airport, even on the planes! I actually just recently posted a post of her in the San Francisco Airport. Not sure if it got out though because we haven’t have good wifi.

  2. Have a great time. Keep us posted and I will share this site with Eli so he can see everything you are doing. He will miss you!! Take care!

    1. Thank you! I’m actually quite excited about blogging and hope my blogs are good. I guess I’ll know if my blogs are bad if people stop following me! Miss you guys!

  3. Hey Ella wanted to tell you we didn’t have the baptism as there was no heat in the building and the font water was about 40 degrees. Boy was it cold. Hope to have baptism tomorrow after church if the gas tank gets filled so we have heat and not water. I’ll sure miss you. I look forward to your blog. I love reading your posts.

    1. Hope it all works out and there’s heat for the baptism! I miss you guys too! Sorry I didn’t responded sooner or post lately! We’ve been really busy but, I’m going to post tonight. It’s 8:30 here but still light outside, love it! Except when your trying to go to sleep and it’s light outside. Sorry if I woke you guys up, not really sure what time it is at home. Bye, miss you and your warm hugs!

  4. Hey missy. I will really miss you!! I look forward to traveling with you via your blog as I’m sure that’s the only way I’ll ever get to those places and do those things. You’ll be my (Primary) girl for always!! Sure love ya!!

    1. Hi! I miss you so much and Sunday school/primary! It’s Sunday here and I went to primary and we thought our primary was small!!! I missed your lessons today and guess what?! The closest girl my age was an 8 year old girl. Well, they had the classes split between boys and girls and there were two 11 year old boys but they were, lets just stay not very nice. Anyways, I miss you and not sure what time it is at home but, I just didn’t want to wait any longer to respond to your comment. By the way thanks for commenting. Okay… I got to go post some more. Bye and please keep commenting! Miss you!

  5. Hey,This is Eli and I want to say that the whole class misses you:)😃Hope you have a great time in New Zealand

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