Luxury is the only word I can use to truly describe an experience like the one we had on the 14 hour plan ride from San Francisco to Auckland, New Zealand. They gave us a drink before we even took of and then they fed us an appetizer, main course, and dessert! The seats on this plane were so cool! They would fold out into beds and you could have a pop out table. You also had a little foot rest/seat where someone could come and visit you and sit or just have a foot rest. A tv that pooped out was just another accessory they had. I could go on and on about the accessories and luxury on this flight. They woke us up to have breakfast, too, which of course was delicious. Oh! I think that was my favorite plane ride ever. And if you guys can picture this I have photos. Alright let me show you before we land. Talk later!

These are some of my good friends that I am traveling with, there basically family! My best friend is Ella. Sorry I didn’t introduce her sooner. She’s been really busy with… well whatever she’s busy with so we haven’t had time To properly introduce Ella to you guys. Sorry about that. I will introduce them to you later but, right now Im going swimming. Talk later and in joy the pictures!

I have LOTS of Pictures this time! Hope you enjoy!

Ella, my besty is on the left and Naavah is on the right side.
Craig, Ella’s Dad is using the foot rest/seat.
Parker using the pull out tv. He used that thing SO much!
Ella and Dad using the pull out table! Having a discussion is always important!
Those beds were once chairs!
I think someone is under that blanket, not sure.

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