Jinx on the Twisted Ankle

So there of been some highlights on his trip so far, but my favorite part is probably the jinx on Parker with the twisted ankle. It was after church and we had changed and eaten and everything and we are walking down to get on a ferry to Russell when the jinx happened. Parker is walking and said,” Som Who’s going to get a twisted ankle first?” Then, BAM!!! Parker fell and twisted his ankle. He also ripped a hole in his brand new pants. It was so funny Naavah was just laughing. We hadn’t known what happened until Naavah told us. She still laughing as I’m writing this blog post. After Naavah told us what happened and why she thought it was so funny and Parker was okay mom groaned. That’s going to be the highlight of this trip probably. We’ll always remember that. All right I think I told you the best part of the trip so far other than the dolphin cruise. Anyways I got to go write some more posts for you I just wanted to tell you this real quick. Bye see you guys later! 

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