I sat on a 35,000 year old tree

We were driving from Piahia to Auckland and Ella’s Dad decided to stop at a well, a side stop in a small little town. It was a clock shop made of thousand year old wood. It was spectacular craftsmanship! I have some pictures for you guys. You will be all struck and this wood isn’t just any wood. It is super smooth and very old, I mean SUPER smooth wood and it’s ancient! We watched a video and apparently they dug up trees that got buried thousands of years ago by a tsunami. Ella’s Dad thought it was very fascinating. Anyways… there was this peice of wood that we could sit on that was a seat. It was actually quite comfortable. The sign said it was over 35,000 years old!!! Just wanted to tell you guys about that! I though it was really cool! Hope you guys think its cool, too! I’ll show you some pictures.

I am sitting on a 35,000 year old tree with Naavah and Ella!


2 thoughts on “I sat on a 35,000 year old tree

  1. Hi Ella. This is Aunt Camille. I love history. It is fun to read about you sitting on the 35,000 piece of wood chair. Hope you’re still having fun. Now I need to go read to see what else you and Flat Patriot have been doing. 🙂

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