Hoops and Scoops

Yum but tart, that’s how I would describe my ice cream at Hoops and Scoops. I got the ice cream flavor Lemon Sherbets at Hoops and Scoops. The lady up there took my order and I asked for 2 scoops of lemon sherbet and it felt like she gave me 5 scoops! It was amazing to eat but there was just too much of it. I didn’t eat all of it. The others got raspberry and they thought it was yummy but, for this particular place I would get the donuts not the ice cream.

Unless maybe you like raspberry but Im not a big fan of raspberries. I really liked the donuts though! I wouldn’t say not to go here, especially if you want some yummy donuts! The workers are very friendly, sometimes forgetful and you have to remind them you have an order if its busy but, in all I liked Hoops and Scoops.

I would rate it a 4 out of 5 stars. Just because I dont really like there ice cream. If you like tropical ice cream, though and delicious donuts go to Hoops and Scoops!

Sorry if the image wasn’t that good guys! We had to go quick because the others were waiting.


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  1. Thanks, Ella for all your postings. Enjoyed all of them. Enjoy the sunshine! Still cold here with ice storm due tomorrow. Supposed to warm up next week to normal for this time of the year. Hunter misses everyone. He says “hissssssssssss…” for sending subs for the family! Love from all!

    1. Hope you guys stay warm and I hope you are enjoying my posts even more when you read the zorbing and zip lining posts. I heard you guys spoiled Hunter even more by giving him a space heater but, yes I bet he is upset and missing us. Tell Hunter I miss him and I miss you and everyone else too! Love you, bye!

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