Hobbiton and The Detail

Hobbiton is the place to be on such a fantastic day like today! I mean the sun was shining, there weren’t too too many people there… Wait, backup! You guys do not what Hobbiton is right? Do you at least no what the Hobbit movies are?

Anyways… if you don’t stay away from the Hobbit fans or you might not come back but, I’ll go ahead and tell you so you don’t get killed by those crazy addicted fans! Hobbiton is the movie set for the Hobbits and Lord of the Rings. Well… not really Lord of the Rings because they destroyed the set for Lord of the Rings but, they rebuilt it for the Hobbit movies.

Anyways… this set is spectacular in how much detail and thought and effort went into it. They put so much work into it that that’s why they have made it a tourist attraction, so they didn’t have to destroy it.

The funny thing about this set is though, that they put so much time into building its that it took them like 6 months for all 3 Hobbit movies to film it. It took them about 3 years to just build the set and six months to film! Apparently during that time though they say the director went a little crazy with the detail.

The moss you see in the movies on the fences the director apparently made the moss and then put yogurt on it to get the true mossy look. The Hobbit movies were very detailed! Its so detailed that they built 33 little houses in the side of the hills only maybe to see 5 seconds in the whole movie! What did I say?! DETAILED!!!

It is actually quit fascinating and interacting to go to Hobbiton! I would advise to go there and the tour guides and bus drivers are so funny. You have to ride the bus over to the set and the bus driver told us jokes and was building us up for this AWESOME view on the top of the hill and them… NOPE! The view was HORRIBLE!

Hobbiton was really fun, especially if you’re a big Hobbit or Lord of the Rings fan. Alright guys, got to go to bed! Im tired out after today! Bye!

P.S- There is LOTS of pictures! Hope you like them all!


The First ever built of the little Hobbit’s homes in the hillsides! Alliterations!
This is Ella’s Dad’s new house according to well… Ella’s Dad! Isn’t it cozy!?
I found you guys some hobbit houses! What do you think?!

Naavah’s new house! I think she likes the view since shes not even looking at me! She looks very mystical, don’t you think?!

Ella and I found our new house!
They have the hill and over hill! How many hills can you have in Hobbiton!?
Naavah going to the town to sale her herbs and other plants! So her!
The Craze Family House!

Told you, LOTS of photos!!!

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