Glow Worms!!! WOW!!!

Spectacular, Jaw Dropping, Eye popping, Stunning, Incredible, Fantastic, Amazing, Awe struck! Those are the words I would use to describe the glow worms we saw today. Now don’t worry guys if you have no idea what these… glow worms are, I will explain.

Glow worms are insects that live in dark places and well, glow. They are very interesting and well sort of nasty. I wont give you guys the whole run down on the nasty part of glow worms but I will tell you that they have 4 stages in there life cycle. The egg, the larva, then it goes into a cocoon, and then a full grown fly. Now the funny but also sad part about this is the glow worms have no stomachs or mouths so it cannot eat when it brakes out of its larva. It then lays its eggs and dies since it has no stomach or mouth. Imagine only living as a full adult for 3 to 4 days, if your lucky you live fore 5!

Now the gross part, well I wouldn’t tell you but, if enough of you want to know I will do an add on later. Anyways… now that you have the scientific part of the glow worms you get the fun stuff! We went down to a cave that was below 100 meters under the ground and saw the glow worms! We walked through a lit passage and then we reached an underground river where we got on boats and had to be extra quite so we wouldn’t disturb these spectacular creatures in there natural habitat. It was pitch black in the cave and out tour guide said we would see over 10,000 glow worms which I think we did. That’s why I used those words to describe the sight. Sadly you guys have to go to the glow worms cave to see them yourselves since we couldn’t take pictures but, I’ll say, its worth it!

Anyways, I think today was amazing and maybe by the end of this leg of our journey I will have convinced you guys to go yourselves to all these wonderful places. Oh! Were almost to the farm stay where we’re staying for a week and I’ll update you more later. Bye and don’t worry we’ll have more wonderful adventures soon, I promise!




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