Day -3

You know when your family goes a little loco right before a big trip but I have never seen this! My family was crazy! Mom and Parker decided to have a little packing fight and we took Hunter on a little car ride but, we did’t make it very far trust me. We make it down the drive way and Hunter starts going ballistic! He is sitting in the back of are mini van and is trying to craw over the seat. I thought he was going to tear apart the car seats! My family didn’t just take a cat on a car ride though. Mom and Parker had a packing war. Parker was let’s just say… high energy and he brought mom the oldest most scraggly looking shirt ever. Oh No! He threw it at mom and mom threw it right back. This went on for a while then Mom screamed at Parker and the fun ended.  At least for Parker, Dad, and I. Dad and I got pictures while Parker laughed the whole time. Mom didn’t see the humor so much though. I got to go before I miss anymore action. I’ll keep you dated! Bye! I’m still laughing so hard I can’t type! I meant updated! Bye! Aww… Families

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