Church with the Bay of Islands Ward

BAM! VISITORS! Thats what the Bay of Islands Ward did as soon as we walked in the door. They welcomed us and said hi and gave us handshakes and just wow! I think we spent at least 10 minutes just introducing ourselves to everyone and then we finally sat down. It was nice to be welcomed so warmly, though. There are some wards we’ve been to where only the bishop shakes your hand and everyone else just stares at you. There ward was very nice, though and I loved there testimonies. A lot of people had very good testimonies… actually everyone had wonderful testimonies! A lot of people mentioned us, the visitors and one particular guy said he saw us walking down the street towards the church as he drove by and knew we were mormons. There ward was very welcoming and small but, I sort of liked that. Except for the fact that the split primary between boys and girls. Though I know some boys in our ward would like that. It was sort of weird because Im eleven and the closest girl my age was 8, of course other than Ella. There were two eleven year old boys though but they were kinda jerks. The girls were nice, though and very talkative and asked me and Ella all sorts of questions. Two girls, Ava and Bree were really nice and I really liked them. In all, the ward was wonderful and really friendly. If you’re in Piahia and its Sunday go to that ward! Im sure they’ll be glad to have you! 

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