Bye, Bye New Zealand! Hello Australia!

Sadly, this is the end of our time in New Zealand, our times up. It actually went by pretty darn quick, too. 

You know when you say I’m going to spending a month in New Zealand that sounds pretty long, right? Well, now that I’ve spent that month in New Zealand, its actually to me, kinda short. I’m sad to leave New Zealand. It was a great experience but, maybe Australia will be an even better one! I mean, that is if I live that long!

Anyways… New Zealand was really a quite thrill seeking country to me. I mean you’ve got the steepest zip line in the world, most exciting jet boat ride in the world, Hobbiton, and so much more. Though I’m sad to leave New Zealand, I am extatic to go to Australia. I wonder if Australia is thrill seeking, too? The only bad thing about Australia though, is the high chance of death with all those very deadly animals.

I’m not too, too worried about that, though. I mean we met this guy that lived there his whole life and hey, he’s still alive! Maybe the whole you’re going to die in Australia is a stereotype. It is a pretty fun stereotype, though, I must say. This guy told us about this song that tells you about all the ways you can die in Australia.

I don’t know, I guess we’ll find out soon enough. We are going to be in Australia in less than 24 hours! Woooohooo! 

From New Zealand to Australia!


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