Baby Dolphin!!!

So the first full day we were in Piahia we went on a dolphin cruise. It was a 5 hour cruise to find dolphins. Ella and I were exhilarated to the max! We started our cruise at 8:00 after a chaotic morning. Naavah, Ella, and I had wet swimsuits so we had to change at the doc just because we didn’t know if there was going to be a bathroom on the boat. We were already late and we hadn’t had a very good breakfast so we had to sprint to the bathrooms and back. Ella, Naavah, and I were so scared we were going to miss it, mainly Ella and I. Then, we didn’t have snacks so Ella’s Dad had to run and get snacks and we had to check in and get our tickets. It’s was crazy before but, finally we got on the boat and we’re off. We didn’t find dolphins until about 3 hours into the trip. Actually we didn’t even find the marine mammals, another boat did and radioed us about them. We couldn’t swim with the dolphins though because they had a baby in the pod. New Zealand regulations state we can not swim with any dolphins if they have a baby in the pod. It was disappointing but, I respect that. Anyways, it was still a spectacular sight and a bit humorous. Just because one of the two ladies on the boat was naming all the dolphins by name. The baby’s name was French Toast and the mom was Maple. Then, there was Swish, Eclipse, Ellie, Swift, Sunburst, Dart, and so many more! It was just so funny because she knew all of them by name and she said she didn’t know them very well. Anyways, then sadly we had to go back and we eat in Piahia and didn’t really do anything else. Ella and I went to be early that night. MAN! Im still tired, I think Im goanna go take another nap. Night or afternoon or whatever. Bye


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  1. Sounds like a great trip so far!!
    Poor Parker, he’s had a rough few weeks. Hope his luck is about to change.

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