3 Am

Okay, and I thought 6 in the morning was early! How about 3 am!? We had to catch a bus to alice springs at 3 in the morning and man was it early! Thankfully I had packed that night so I just had to wake up, eat breakfast or a mid night snack almost, then walk to the bus stop, get on, and go back to sleep. Still though, that was sooo early! Just carry me to the bus stop!

Thankfully though the bus wasn’t packed and it was actually quite comfy. There were only twelve people on the bus so we made up half the bus but, I don’t blame them. If I had a choice I would not wake up at 3 am! The reason we woke up so early though was so we didn’t have to go hike by this gorge in 100 degrees Fahrenheit, with no shade! I’m kinda glad I woke up so early though, so I guess I have to take back my other statement.

Now that I have hiked the gorge, though I am great full for waking up so early cause man was it blazing hot!!! I feel bad for the people who did the afternoon tour! Our guide actually told us if it  to hot they actually have to cancel the hike! One time it got so hot it was 115 degrees Fahrenheit! Wooooheeeee! That is too hot for me!

I must say though the gorge was pretty spectacular. It was an eye popping view! I’ll show you photos later and then you will understand what Im saying! On the hike we saw different colored and shaped rocks! Are group also saw some ocean fossils! It was amazing! The hike was actually pretty easy, I just think the heat took a great bit of extra energy to keep going. There were the steps the first part but after that you were only really fighting dehydration! 😜

After the hike though may have been my favorite time! I have never loved air conditioning and a cold, refreshing bottle of water so much! They also gave us these nice, cool towels that had bug repellent on them that smelled really nice. I thought it was a nice touch. The day was pretty nice after the hike, too.

After the hike we went to this resort place and got some food and ice cream! Then, we saw an Emu Farm. Which I think pretty cool! The day was pretty great! The real highlight of the day though was what I saved best for last because you know the saying ,”saving the best for last”.

Anyways, in the morning we were driving and we actually hit a dingo! That wasn’t the highlight of the day off course but, it helped because if we hadn’t hit that dingo I wouldn’t have woken up for the stunning sunrise! It was absolutely breath taking! In the morning before the hike we also saw wild camels! They were actually running beside the bus! It was actually quite humorous to watch them run, too because when they run they put both left feet out then both right. They look lopsided which is so funny!

We also saw beautiful, wild mustangs during the sunrise! They looked so majestic running with the sunrise in the background! They had a foal in there pack to which was SOOO cute! Now you know why that was the highlight of the day! I mean who doesn’t love waking up to seeing a beautiful sunrise, majestic mustangs, and humorous camels to start there day off!

Anyways, to end our day and get to the hotel we actually had to get on another bus after our hike on the gorge to get to Alice Springs. We didn’t get to our hotel until at least 7:30 pm. The day was pretty fun but, let me just say. I could have slept on a rock last night and been like that was the best sleep I ever had! I was passed out by like 9 pm! Okay guys, got to go catch a flight to Cairns, Australia! Bye!

P.S- Stay cool!😝 And sorry the post is so long! I just had so much to say about my day! 😄 Bye!


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